Flow and level control

Flow and level control

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Level and flow

It is very important for pool owners to control the water level and flow in their pool and spa. Also to keep the water level at a stable level. It can be crucial for your pool or spa if you water level is too low, it can damage your pumps and filters, then if its too high it can make the skimmers less effective.

The correct way to control the water level is to invest in a level control that controls the water level, with the help of a level sensor and a automatic filling valve, or a more simple one, is a flow controlled valve, that is mounted at the same level, as the waterline. Water will be filled when needed, like after backwash of filters and with evaporation. There's also a loss of water when swimming guest step out of the pool.

The way to contol a correct flow is to invest in a flow meter, that instead of controlling the water level, measures the amount of water that flows through the pipes. The flow meter is an important tool for your pool, which will be described more here.


A flow meter is a tool that measures the amount of water that flows through a pipe. The flow meter is important for your pool, because it can optimize the pump and help to keep the pool clean.


A flow meter is designed to measure the amount of fluid that runs through it, and give measurement m3/t.  Either Analog or Digital.



  • You get a more precise calculation of the flow in your pool
  • Can help control the speed on the pump, if correctly installed, it can be energy saving
  • Gives your pump a longer life 
  • Helps to keep your pool clean
  • Your done with guessing what the flow in your pool is.



  • Analog

Analog flow meter is a transparent plastic house, it has a glued on vertical main pipe on the filter system. There is metal floats inside. Water flows up through the flow meter, the pressure from the water lifts up the metal floats in the transparent plastic flow meter house.

  •  In-Line

In-line flow meter gives a great flow rate accuracy, without additional costs when installing a digital flow meter. The leading manufactures are innovating these in-line flow meters so quickly, that the prices are more and more affordable year after year. This in-line flow meter is one of the leading brands and luckily also one of the more affordable ones.

  • Digital

Digital flow meter is often used in public systems.These flow meters is accurate and easy to read. They show the water flow in m3/t. digital on the screen. They are available in two editions. With 4-20mA / 0-10Vdc external signal output or just to read on the display.


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