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Thermo covers

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  1. Slot in cover

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A thermo cover keeps the heat in, therefore minimizes the heat loss in the pool. A little bit like a down cover in your bed.

A thermo cover is therefore also perfect for night time. When the temperature outside drops, so will the pool water. A thermo cover keeps the water varm, and you will be able to use the pool longer. With a thermo cover the heat loss in the pool will be reduced with 1-2 degrees.

With indoor pools it will also hold on the evaporation of the pool water. Which also saves energy on the dehumidification system.


  • Reduces the water bill
  • Reduces the heat bill
  • Makes it easier to maintain and clean your pool
  • Keeps in the heat
  • Saves on chemical use
  • Less wind-borne dirt in the pool water


  • Super cover/Foam cover

The foam cover is a hard thermal insulation cover, its made for use indoor, outdoor,in private, public pools and on spas. It is made of three layers glued together, for a unsurpassed strength and durability.

Constructed of a layer of thick foam, with a woven blue surface of closed polyethylene, which is UV-stabilized and durable. Underneath the cover it has a thin layer of clear polyethylene thats designed to provide with good draining properties when the cover is rolled up by the pool. The reinforced edge stitching, prevents wear on the sides and gives a nice finish.

It doesn't matter what size pool you have, the Super cover will save on your heating expenses and chemical use, which would otherwise be lost by evaporation. It has been proven that pool owners can save up to 23% on their energy bill with a Supercover. The pay back period has been shown to be between 6 to 12 months. The Supercover can be used up 29 ° C water temperature and 35 ° C air temperature.

  • GeoBubble thermo cover 500 micron

This thermo cover has a standard blue color. It can be ordered in other colors as well, if a whole roll is bought. The bubble material is also 50% thicker than a traditional bubble cover.

The shape of this thermo cover has been shown to withstand both chemical and UV-attachment. A smooth shape and alike thickness results in an increased life expectancy of 25% compared to conventional covers.

The product has no sharp corners that can result in this or weak points in the design, and also no load points due to the smooth interconnected curves of the bubble.

  • Slat covers

Slat covers for pools is a modern comfortable and reliable solution for covering any type of retangular or oval in-ground pool. Slat covers is known for their high quality and that they add a beautiful aesthetically look to your pool.


read more about slat covers here. 




It completely depends on what preferences you have for your thermal cover. Do you prefer a modern design, a beautiful and aesthetic look, but also a long lasting product, slat covers would be the best choice.

If you are looking for a more affordable solution the foam cover would be of your choice, or maybe the bubble cover.



A thermo cover can eliminate as much as 90% of evaporation. This can reduce your water bill significantly.

A thermo cover also makes sure less dirt gets in the pool, which also brings down chemical use. When there's less chemical use, you also save money. With less dirt in the pool you have to clean less, which takes the load of the filter pump.

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