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The skimmer sucks the water on the surface of the water, out of the pool, using the pool pump that's connected. The purpose of the skimmer is to catch dirt in the surface. The big pieces of dirt - it will typically be leaves, twigs and insects. The skimmers purpose  is to keep your pool nice and clean.


In addition to being a part of the pools circulatory system, the skimmer "skims" the water – that means, that it cleans the water surface for hair, dust and debries, that naturally ends up in the pool. It also catches bigger particles (leaves, hairbands and so on)  so it doesn't end up clogging up the filter.

It must be maintained. That's done by emptying it. It should be checked every day and the basket should be emptied when needed, to make sure of a good circulation.


  • Keeps your pool clean from hair, dust and debries.
  • Makes your pump work better
  • Catches particles before the fall to the bottom
  • Better hygiene
  • Gives your pool a longer life
  • Less work for cleaning personal




The wall mounted skimmer is without a doubt the most common type of skimmer, within the pool and spa industry. It has a box like opening by the side of the pool, in the surface. This type of skimmer has a lid at the top, for access to the skimmer basket. The effect of the skimmer occurs by the skimmer flap, that is mounted in the funnel

When it's correctly mounted, it has an amazing ability to clean the water surface. It does this, by drawing the surface water, and sucks the dirt that lies in the surface, into the skimmer and further down into the skimmer basket

The wall mounted skimmer gives the cleaning personal an oppotunity for easy cleaning and upkeep of the skimmer through the lid, that's placed in the floor in the pool area.



This type of skimmer looks like a long drain along side the pools edge with a grate on top. The skimmer effect comes into play when the pool water runs over the edge and down in the overflow. The water then runs out into the gutter, and into the circulatory system.

The benefit with this type of skimmer is definitely the safety. 

Since the system works by gravity, the risk of being sucked in is not present, as the pump sucks in the equalization tank, and not directly in the overflow gutter. The equalization tank, is the tank where the pool water runs to after it leaves the overflow gutter. In the tank there's no skimmer basket to catch the twigs, branches and hair. The tank has to be cleaned as needed.

The benefit by the overflow gutter is , that it can be installed in many different configurations, which makes it possible for the pools water level, to be in level with the floor, in the pool area. That also changes the aesthetics.

Many different and beautiful finishes can be constructed with an overflow gutter.



It's tough to say which skimmer thats the right choice for you. It all depends, what your needs are from the skimmer, if you for example value the user friendliness, you will probably prefer the wall mounted skimmer. Vise versa, if you value the aesthetics more, you will prefer the overflow gutter.



A pool skimmer or a overflow gutter makes it a lot easier for you to keep your pool clean, and keeps a better hygiene in the pool. It also helps your pump to work more effectively. It helps with removing a lot of dirt which makes the pump work better. At the same time it gives your pool a longer life, and has the important job, to catch bigger particles before the fall to the bottom, and cloggs up the sandfilter.

It doesn't matter what kind of pool you have, it's really important to have a working skimmer / overflow. At the end, without it your pool will not be as nice, because of the lack of cleaning.

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