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  1. Harvia, The Wall, Electric sauna heater

    Amount of variants:: 4
  2. Cilindro E Heater 9 KW

    SKU: 52-210094

    Vega Lux with controls

    Amount of variants:: 2

    Sauna Heater Vega w/controls

    Amount of variants:: 4

    Vega Pro

    Amount of variants:: 3

    Vega Lux E, for external control

    Amount of variants:: 1

    Sauna heater Welldana®-E, for external

    Amount of variants:: 1

    Sauna heater Welldana®-S, w/controls

    Amount of variants:: 3
  3. Glow Corner

    Amount of variants:: 4

    Cilindro freestanding sauna oven with built-in control

    Amount of variants:: 2

    Globe, freestanding sauna heater

    Amount of variants:: 3

    Harvia Kivi electric sauna heater

    Amount of variants:: 4
  4. Harvia Cilindro Pro

    Amount of variants:: 2
  5. Harvia Virta electric sauna heater

    Amount of variants:: 5
  6. Sentiotec Qube sauna heater, 24 KW Black

    SKU: 52-750014

Electric sauna heater for private use

Warm up your sauna with style, with our electric sauna heaters. No matter how you are going to use your sauna, we have one that fits your needs.

A sauna heater by all the rules of the game.

A sauna heater is the heart of the sauna. Find yourself a stylish sauna heater in our great catalog. These heaters are either electric or wood-fired, for a quick heat in your sauna. The electric heating elements takes so little space that there is place for a good style.

Sauna stones https://www.welldana.com/sauna/tilbehor/saunasten.html are not included in the sauna heater, you have to order them separately. The stones in the oven keep the heat for a long time and give the right “sauna-feeling”. The properties in the stones are to keep the heat and give them the opportunity to evaporate a lot of water when the temperature gets low.

Take care of your sauna heater.

It is possible to pour water over all our sauna stones. The water will evaporate, which will help increase the humidity. But in the Finnish models, the heating elements are directly under the stones. These models have the risk of breaking if the non-vaporized water comes down to the sockets of the heating elements. This will only happen if the temperature is too low, if the stones have too much distance, or if you pour too much water on the stones. Some models are relative secure against that kind of errors, but too much water can still be devastating.

Secure steam with electric sauna oven.

If you like steam, it could be a good idea to buy a combi oven, which contains both water and heat. You can get them in different sizes, so they match the different sauna sizes. Furthermore, you can mount a fragrance pump if you like “Sauna Gus”. Some sauna ovens come with a control box for externally mounting. Some are to be controlled directly on the unit where there is a panel.

A sauna oven for every taste.

They are available in different sizes and designs. Some are designed so you can see all the stones from the outside, other models are more conventional and look like the normal sauna oven we all know. We have sauna ovens to all sauna sizes. Even from down to 3 cubic meters up to 66 cubic meters. If you are looking for an oven, that can fire up a 66 cubic meters sauna, you should go to the category for professional electric sauna ovens. Also remember to look at the accessories for saunas https://www.welldana.com/sauna/tilbehor.html


It is not impossible to be in, or enjoy a sauna, where the temperature is 100 degrees. Its however only possible if, the humidity is kept low. The dry, hot air from a sauna is bearable, albeit it sometimes can be intense. If the humidity is raised, the experienced temperature will be higher. The hot benches and panels in a typical Finish sauna, are always over the dew point. In this way you make sure, that the benches are dry. Your body temperature is though always significantly lower, about 38 degrees, and the humidity in the air densifies on your skin. The densified water is warmer than the skin, and you will quickly feel the strong heat. If the humidity is raised to nearly 100%, you have a Turkish bath. A Turkish bath is normally 40 degrees, because of the water always is densified – even in the air, where it appears as steam. The temperature cannot increase much more than 40 degrees, because the steam will be unbearable, if it is too hot to breath in.

Warning: Contact lenses can dry out in a very hot sauna. Jewelry and other metal objects can also get very hot in a sauna.

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