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For holiday house

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Holiday house, fun and spa.

If you want luxury in your holiday house, the outdoor spa is a great solution. With the outdoor spa, you are coming outside in nature, the absolute, most pleasant way. Imagine enjoying a glass of champagne or wine under the stars a wonderful summer evening – in your spa.

Wilderness bath or outdoor spa?

There are 2 overall types of outdoor spa/bath to the holiday house. There´s a Wilderness bath and custom-built outdoor spa. The wilderness bath is the simple and rustic solution, which is fantastic, easy and pleasant. The wilderness bath is getting heat from a woodburning stove, so you just fire it up when you want to use it. The wilderness bath is fantastic if you are looking for a low-maintenance and economic solution. With the wilderness bath you don’t need expensive pumps and filters.

If you are into a luxury solution, you should consider our custom-made outdoor spa, which is especially designed for rental holiday houses. Because when you have a rental holiday house, it´s a must it keeps working. Especially in the middle of the summer season, and the guests expect relaxation in a great functioning spa. For that purpose, we have some robust and great working outdoor luxury spas, which demands minimum service. We have developed the Comfortana Pro to be especially easy for first time users, durable and easy to empty and clean. There is only few adjustment possibilities and even fewer errors. So, if you want a natural and raw experience, or you just like fire, the wilderness bath is for you. If you just want to push one single button so you can enjoy yourself, you don’t have to look any further. The Comfortana Pro is perfect for you.

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