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Sauna heater

When talking about a sauna, the unit is the heart of your entire experience. If you want to save money when building a sauna, you shouldn't save money on the heating unit. There are different types of units depending on the type of experience you are looking for and appreciate the most.

Sauna heater, electric

A classic unit that is available in a variety of designs. Do you want a wall-mounted unit, do you want a unit to place in the middle of the room? Maybe be able to lower it to the floor? It is here. You can choose if you want a control panel that sits on the unit or if you want an external control panel that you can mount on the wall. Our electric sauna heaters are made to withstand putting water on the stones. A popular way to achieve higher heat and humidity. When you put water on the stones, it evaporates and spreads heat in the room. One should only remember not to overdo the watering, then the unit can be damaged. If it is a little higher humidity you are looking for, you can look at a combi unit instead. Stones are not included when buying units, you buy that seperately.

Combi unit, electric

Like ordinary electrical units, with the big difference that there is a mounted water tank. It can replace putting water on the stones. Instead of having to put water on the stones yourself, water is evaporated from the water tank during the entire sauna experience. However, you keep the temperature down when using a combined heater. It is usually around 60 degrees. But with a humidity of about 50%, it is experienced as much warmer. You can also connect a scent machine to these units if you want different scents in the sauna. When it comes to control panels for these units, it is external that applies. You have to buy the stone, they are not included.

Wood-burning units

Perhaps the most classic way to take a sauna. No electricity is needed here, just put the wood in the unit and turn it on. Requires a little more planning as it takes a little longer to heat the room. There are no control panels here, you decide how hot you want it, with the amount of wood in the unit. Here, however, it is necessary to also connect to a chimney, and also to check safety distances to the wall. There are protective plates to buy so you can get a little closer to the wall or other combustible material.

Sheet metal may also be needed.

Stones are not included.

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