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  1. Chemical control and pool control pH + Redox Control Station complete, with sensors

    SKU: 30-202000
  2. Power unit with Rx control Hayward, incl. Sensors

    SKU: 30-600104
  3. Welldana® Chemical control pH/Cl complete

    SKU: 30-203100

    pH sensor, pg 13,5 Welldana® sensor accessories

    SKU: 30-220100

    Redox sonsor, pg 13,5 Welldana® sensor accessories

    SKU: 30-220300

    Flow sensor f/Welldana® kontrol

    SKU: 30-242205

    Sensor cable pH/Redox SN6/SN6, f/Welldana® kontrol

    SKU: 30-240095

    Membran e cap f/Cl4,1 M20 f/Welldana® kontrol

    SKU: 30-220409

    Chlorine Probe 100 ml to CL elektrode

    SKU: 30-110200

    Chlorine sensor Cl4,1 0-2ppm Welldana® sensor accessories

    SKU: 30-220405

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