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A dehumidifier is a tool that creates a stabilized room environment, by controlling the rooms humidity and air temperature. When using a dehumidifier you reduce the usage of outside air and the energy there is used for heating or cooling the air.


Dehumidifiers help to keep the indoor pool space dry and free of humidity, which can damage wood constuction and fixtures in the room. This can also help prevent accumulation of mold behind the coating and other places in the room. Mold can cause big problems for you and your family. A pool room with mold can cause allergies and really bad reactions for the people around. Therefore is a dehumidifier a very good investment in your pool room, because it helps to prevent these problems in the room.


A dehumidifier works from a very simple principle. A ventilator pulls the humid air through the evaporator, where the air is cooled down under the dew point. The water vapor content of the air, condenses on the cold surface of the evaporator, and is collected in a water tank, or discharged in the drain. The cold dry air keeps going through the condenser, where it is heated and then blown out into the room again, ready to absorb new moistere from the room. This process continues till the wanted humidity is obtained in the room.

It is also possible for some dehumidifiers to take some of the dry outside air in (up to 30 %) in case of the need to consider air quality and comfort, and if need be because of the dehumidification.

A dehumidifier generates energy wiht the help of the condensation process.The thermal contribution of a dehumidifier is significant, and should be included in the total calculation of the thermal loss.



  • Avoid damage inside the pool room
  • Improves the indoor climate, while avoiding mold and bacteria that destroys the air quality
  • Reduces the energy  - eg. for heating up the air in the pool room
  • Relatively cheap investment, given its great importance
  • Makes the pool room a more safe space for your health



  • The wall mounted dehumidifier 

This type is fixed to the wall.

Here you'll find our most popular wall mounted dehumidifier.


  • The floor mounted dehumidifier

This type is fixed to the floor.

Here you'll find our most popular floor mounted dehumidifier.


  • The mobile dehumidifier


Here you'll find our most popular mobile dehumidifier.



  • Dehumidifier for technical room installation

With the help of this mounting, the dehumidifier is hidden away behind the wall an in another room, which also looks better overall in the pool room. This distinguishes this type from the wall and floor mounted dehumidifiers, as these are more visible and generally less elegant.

Here you'll find our most popular installation for tecnical rooms.



It's tough to say, because it all depends on your need and preferences. What you can say though, is that most choose the dehumidifier for technical room installation, bacause that one is mounted in a seperate room or is hidden away, so it looks better in the pool room. In addition to that, it also depends on the way your pool room is designed, as of which dehumidifier you should choose, what would be a better choice for your exact space.

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