Pool Manager 5

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Innovative technology in a modern design. Control and operate your pool via smartphone, tablet or pc, no matter where you are and enjoy crystal clear water every day with the complete Bayrol water treatment system. Automatic and efficient water treatment with chlorine, bromine, or chlorine free active oxygen and exact pH regulation.The chlorine model and be delivered with free chlorine measurement or as Redox measurement. Can, besides water treatment, make other tasks such as control of circulation pumps, light, heat systems, fountains, etc. Can be operated directly on the unit with a beautiful and manageable display. Can be connected via Wi-Fi adapter of Ethernet(LAN) cable. Delivered complete to use with sensors and pumps. A great complete solution to the pool owner that wants the newest and most modern technology.

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    PM5 PRO


    pH/free chlorine
    SKU177100 Spare Parts ModelPM5 VersionpH/Redox
    SKU177300 Spare Parts ModelPM5 VersionpH/oxygen
    SKU177631 Spare Parts ModelPM5 PRO VersionpH/free chlorine

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