— Welldana Filter-Pump calculator

With Welldana'S Filter Pump Calculator, you can calculate which pump performance and how much filter your new pool plant needs. All you have to do is enter the size of your pool, the desired turnover time, and the desired filter speed. After that, the app will calculate the specifications your components should have to achieve optimum cleaning of your pool water. However, if you Are an existing pool owner, you can find out if your water is being cleaned sufficiently. Here you simply enter the size of your pool, the performance of your pump, as well as the diameter of your filter. The app will Then calculate your turnover time, as well as your filter and then evaluate these numbers.

— Bayrol Pool Expert

BAYROL provides you with your personal pool expert! Simple, informative and easy to use - the Pool Expert app for smartphones and tablet PC's keeps BAYROL expertise at hand at any time.